Bonus & Downloads

  • How to build a cafe racer, scrambler or tracker seat

    So you’re on your bike build journey…… At For The Bold Industries we love our custom bikes, hard graft, sweat…

  • Blood, Sweat and Oil wallpaper download

    It’s true, blood sweat and oil are key ingredients that goes into any build and in celebration of all the…

  • Black Heart Honda CX500 wallpaper

    As our Honda CX500 build gets on the way now we knew the bike needed a deserving identity. So, today…

  • Built Not Bought desktop wallpaper v2

    A bit of variety in life is always good, so here’s an alternative desktop wallpaper giveaway for the #builtnotbought design…

  • Built Not Bought wallpaper desktop download

    Wer’e giving the opportunity for our supporters to download a ‘Built Not Bought’ desktop wallpaper. Feel free to pass the…